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Got a new haircut!

Got a new Haircut! <333 my favorite hair staylist too! She always knows the shape of my hair and how thin they are and the style of hairs I like. (she calls it ‘the japanese style’ lol)

anyways each time I go, she always gives me something different. This time, she cut it so it’s a bit bowl shape around my face the wild layering at the top, and ‘unbalanced’ near the bottom. My right side is longer than my left. Photos don’t look that great orz but yay for new haircut?

Maybe I’ll post something nicer later… (gah i should have worn makeup…)

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Remember Susan Boyle?

Well There's Korea's got Talent, Choi... Which caused a sensation back in July or so.

Found a Chinese version too ;_;

12 year old orphan singing to his dead mom when he misses her sob. (he's sings like an angel omfg i can't even)


Happy birthday to delphicy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fufu


Because electriicl0ve said she wanted to see what I wear and kisu_no_hi wants to know how long my hair is (recently I cut my bangs with my wig scissors lol… but since I can’t
cut my back, did what i can…)

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365 challenge 34-44

Sakuraya in water


(The rest)

posted on deviant art: http://rukawagf.deviantart.com/#/d49ytx0

also posted on pixiv. I hope more ppl will draw sakuraya~

Sep. 16th, 2011

I am sorta back online. Not exactly but I'm checking tumblr again. Not sure what the heck I've missed so let me know if there's some funny pictures, family shenanigan, ruka challenge, apple challenge, ANY fanart any of you guys drew etc etc. :P

I DID mope a bit but not all the time lol. I spent my time reading drawing tutorials. Proportions, vanishing point, how to draw head, figures, motion, body, learned skeleton and muscle anatomy, etc. I printed them out at work and read them on my rides. (I read everything but color theory. We have black and white printer... when i printed color theory i was so confused when I was reading through ahahaha... so looks like i have to learn that by reading on the computer itself. pff) There's a lot of tutorials online for self teaching. I think already using the tutorial guides, my proportions look a lot better.

I haven't been writing sadly. I think I seriously need kuraieshi/Kat back in my life >.>;;; She's more like my editor rather than just a beta at this point. Or norikuu/Sara. Kat's busy in Japan though and not sure if Sara's still interested. (Don't take this as an excuse guys D: i just miss the old days when I'd write like 4 chapters at a time and Kat's there (Or Sara) to read it and give me her opinion as she betas. It was a good system and it worked and kept me going ;_; )

I have finished my art I've been working on for 2 weeks :3 Posted on pixiv and deviantart. I got my first fav on pixiv with that art ;_; still needs more work... I was gonna try to re-do the lines when I saw another sakuraya art in water... and lost all my motivation ahahahaha.

http://rukawagf.deviantart.com/#/d49ytx0 - my crappier art >.>;;; though that's the best I've ever done so far though.

http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=21737756 - the beautiful sakuraya art ;_;

I need to post my WIP for my 365 challenge..... i'll do it later on my art lj blog eventually.

I want to give up on going to NYAF/NYCC
but dusthar/Mei is waiting for me to come. I don't want to disappoint her. But I'm so not ready. I have a rash under my eyes that's not going away for 3 weeks. I look older gaah... I also am overweight for cosplay. I don't want to go on a diet when I'm feeling down pfff... But the main problem is time. To get there, I need to take thursday and friday off from work.... to get a ride with Ollie and my boyfriend up to NYC. Well I don't think my work will allow me to take two days off. Just one. Orz..........

My situation with my family is not resolved but I feel better about it now. Thank you for advil/Jae for calling me and forcing me to just chat about nothing for awhile hahaha. As an extrovert, i actually need to talk to people or be around people to feel better. But I'm never quite sure who I can talk to when I'm feeling down. People don't want to be around emo kids and I understand that. I'd rather keep my friendship than lose it just because I'm being a bitch for a week >.>;;; Anyways talking to Jae always helps ;_; and we can talk about literally anything and we both feel safe and understood ;_; It's always too bad Jae and I have no fandom in common pfff... we've never actually shared a single fandom together but we're still friends. we jut like each other's company ... man i think we'd both explode if we actually had a fandom we both are in... same goes with hakuku We both have been friends for... 4 years? without being in any fandoms together.... ugh~ sometimes I wish I was into Hetalia just so we have the same interest~ but ah well. Either way, I'm glad they're both still my friends despite zero interest in things together.

I watched shit tons of movies I wanted to watch for a long time. Finally watched Xmen First Class, the one hakuku's been trying so hard for me to watch. Also watched 'Wolverine', which was actually a good movie. Not sure why ppl kept bashing it. Also watched 'Hulk' which was also not that bad. And finally watched 'Sherlock Holmes', the one that dedpoo's been poking at me to watch. I liked it obviously. I kinda wish I knew more about Sherlock Holmes rather than reading what's on wikipedia. Never had the chance to sit and actually READ Conan Doyle's books. I should be shot as a history major ahahaha.... I also watched 'Fanboy' which is about a group of star wars geeks who has a friend who'll die of cancer in 3 months. But Star Wars episode 1 will be in theaters in 6 months. So before his friend dies, they go on a journey to crash into Lucas' Ranch and watch the movie. That was a good movie. I laughed at all the geek stuff they did because omg, it's SO TRUE! Exactly what we geeks would do, even having Fandom Wars with Star treckies ahahahaha... The only thing is, the guy who was gonna die didn't look as sick. The angst wasn't played hard. They kept the story light and fluffy despite the inevitable death. I think the movie would have bee much more powerful if they kept both in.... but ah well. Family movie... i guess.

Lastly but not least, I will try to finish my Angel Sanctuary cosplay for Mei and start drafting my next art which is Sakuraya in Geisha outfit :3

And get over one of the reviews I received that just made me not want to write the next chapter of catnip for awhile >.>;;; I sometimes wish I don't read reviews until I'm done with fics. I'm happy about the reviews I do get most of the time, but when i read that one urksome one... I just don't feel like writing for awhile. I wish they won't do that... I know I should get over it yes, but sometimes I really want to whine about it to someone too. It's not like I'm writing academically or professionally. If I want criticism, I'd rather get it from someone that I have high opinions of, like Kat. Ah well... anyways. That's my life for the past week or so~

Let me know how you all have been doing?


To those who sent me text messages, emails, tumblr messages etc etc, Thank you ♥







My friend is selling a LOT of things art related. (she lives in japan so anyone who's in japan right now might be best) but she's willing to sell stuff internationally too.

Please help. Thank you :3
so I started off with a very bad morning on monday. Scratch that, i think I just had a bad day sunday. Then a bad day monday. Bad day at work on monday. Fought with my boyfriend later that day. Didn't go well with 3 of my friends. Got depressed so I decided to stay off the internet to cool my head...

Tusday, bad day gets worse, more stressful day at work (too long to even talk about) so I just gave up being online totally...

Then Kiko sends me a text to get on the skype chat NOW. And i'm like gah... fine okay. what. what you all want... leave me alone..


And when I checked tumblr, coz loony posted me her link to her picture...

source: http://danicojo.deviantart.com/art/Ruka-s-Foursome-Lineart-255942215

source: http://loonytwin.tumblr.com/post/9611424320


I cried BUCKETS. ;_______________;

Thank you guys.


Addicted to sims OTL

Now i’m trying to look into getting hacked Sims somehow because I NEED to have Shizuo and Izaya sims. (And maybe also Delic, Hibiya, Tsugaru, Psyche, Tsuki, Roppi, Shitsuo and Sakuraya…)

I KNOW IT HAS TO EXIST SOMEWHERE because I found this last year and used to stalk it ;____;

now where to find it orz… wish I was an internet whiz.

Derp maybe kaitoru might know more? OTL~ anyone? 8D